Swiss Water Decaf Elixir 5LB (cocoa and honey)

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A swiss water processed decaf meaning chemical free in its decaffeination. Most of the chemicals used to decaffeinate grocery store coffee are worse for you than caffeine itself. Be weary of those products. 

We roast this coffee easy and slow with a drop temp a little past 410, no where near 2nd crack but still enough development to loosen the acidities. 

Nice milk chocolate and honied tobacco notes with a classic SWP brothy finish.

Smooth and Billowy Body.

Sweet, Sparkling Acidities. 

One of the best tasting decafs available anywhere! When I was pregnant with Samson, I got reeealll picky about my decaf. We dialed in the profile for this to extract well in an espresso as well as most brewing methods.