Guatemala HueueTenango 5LB (walnut and caramel)

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We adore this fully washed single origin coffee. Huehuetenango is located in the Western highlands of Guatemala bordering Mexico. Thanks to the elevation and varied microclimates of this mountainous region, coffee from Huehuetenango is well known worldwide for its bright and crisp acidity. Most of the elevation is due to the mountain range of Los Cuchumatanes, the highest point is known as “La Torre” which reaches almost 12,500 ft.

We take the roast to almost second crack, leaving a myriad of sugars in the complex bean. Guatemalan coffee already has a sturdy cellular composition- and taking it to this sweet level makes a heavy, beautiful cup.

Caramel and Brown Sugar, Walnut and Pecan Flavors. 

Heavy, Creamy bodied. 

Crisp, Clean Acidity. 

This coffee brews well in a regular ole coffee pot, French press, cold brew or Chemex.