ORG Ethiopia Natural Tega & Tula BULK 5# BAG

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1900 MASL

Natural process

74110, 74112, Yachi Cultivars 

Micro Producer / Processor: Ahadu Woubhset

Grade 1

Natural Ethiopias are so beautiful and WILD. We roast this one gently, easily, and drop it low. It has physically has already been through so much through the natural processing method- so roasting it gently allows it to sweeten up and not roast away the delicate wildness that it holds intrinsically. 

 Cranberry, lemon, Jasmine

Full, syrupy body

Tart,Fruity acidity - Vibrant & Sweet.

 This coffee makes an INCREDIBLE pour over. It brews well as a French pressed coffee, siphon, Chemex and for the experienced barista- a BERRY BOMB of a ristretto espresso. 

 If you're a coffee snob when loves wild coffees with pronounced flavors, this beautiful selection is for you.