Dawn of the Dead 5LB (Robusta-Infused Diner Coffee- We Wild, Y'all!)

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Light roasted- there's 50% robusta in this bad boy. Robusta generally tastes like a paper bag, has 50% more caffeine than Arabica and is much cheaper. This particular coffee is from low growing cultivar from Uganda. We blend it with another 50% of the BEST QUALITY natural Ethiopia we can find, which boasts a giant juicy body and pronounced berry tones. The result is a diner coffee on crack- relatively easy to drink hot and will get you to the moon in terms of the drug aspect of coffee. 

Bright. Fruity. Earthy Finish. Heavy, dense body. Citrusy Acidity. Very Complex. 

 If you're a classic American diner coffee person, this one is for you. 

Brews well in a regular ole' coffee pot, electric percolator, French press, and if you're very brave- a Vietnamese espresso maker or stovetop Moka Pot.