Sumatra Harimau Tiger 5LB (earthy and dark cocoa)

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Sumatra is such a classic dark roast favorite. We buy from Cafe Imports from their Harimau Tiger project. Sumatra is a difficult coffee to get consistency from because of the island's size and generally small farms. Cafe Imports' long standing relationship with purchasing from multiple local farmers that have shown integrity and consistent dope quality is what we look for in a importer/roaster relationship. 

The coffee is compositionally SO HEAVY. It's a work horse to roast, can caramelize sugars like a boss and can take the heat well past second crack to develop. It was built to handle charring and showcase dank flavors. 

Spicy, Muddy, Dark cocoa and smoked caramel flavors. 

Velvety, Brownie Batter body 

Soft, sparkling acidities 

GREAT brewed in any full immersion brew set up, especially a French Press. It can do pretty well in a regular pot or metal screen K-cup 


Origin Sumatra

Region North Sumatra

Farm Various smallholder farmers

Variety Harimau Tiger

Altitude 1500 masl